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Tee by Melbourne based artist Jeswri. See below to learn more about him.

  •  Regular fit T-Shirt
  •  Crew Neck
  •  Medium Front print
  •  Large Back print
  •  Pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage.

100% Cotton Regular fit t-shirt, side seamed with double needle hems. 200 GSM

"My name is JESWRI. Which is shortened from ‘Jesse Wright’.. but let’s keep that between us. I’ve been an artist all my life. I live by the can, die by the brush. I’m a former graffiti artist, designer, art director and current fulltime, self employed rock ‘n’ rolla.

I painted my first wall when I was 14, but the police didn’t like that. I had a few crappy jobs with a few crappy employers, everything from washing dishes to unloading shipping containers. I found myself in design college in 2012 and at the same time, I painted my first commercial mural for Nokia Lumia. At the same time, I was juggling 3 jobs (2 bar jobs and Bunnings), studying full time and juggling freelance design. After a few years as a designer, I jumped ship to art direction. Fast forward to 2017, After gaining a large amount of illustration and mural work, I felt like I was being called to the life of a visual artist rockstar and I haven’t looked back since.

I currently paint murals and canvas full-time, listen to the same ABBA songs over and over. I own & operate my own art-gallery in the heart of Collingwood called ‘Honey Bones Gallery’. I like to say that I’m the hardest working man in showbiz, but then I remember I’m not even in showbiz. I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished in my art career and I get by with a little help from the legends that surround me."